Pitching Prodigy: Unleashing Greatness On The Mound

Pitching Prodigy: Unleashing Greatness On The Mound

Game 7, World Series, two out, bottom of the ninth...game on the line. Will the closer get the save? Does he have the mindset and skillset to execute under pressure??? He's prepared for this moment his whole life...Time to execute. 

Pitching isn’t just about throwing hard. Having a great pickoff move isn’t enough. Pitching is both art and science. 

With 35-years experience as a Division 1 and Pro Pitcher, Pitching development expert and MLB scout for the San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves and the World Champion Boston Red Sox organization, Brandon will share his secrets to greatness. 

It takes more than hard work and dedication. Do you know the drills your aspiring pitcher needs? 

For seven years Brandon pitched professionally. He founded one of the top College Recruiting programs in the country. He knows how to help young people improve. Success on the mound isn’t just about the physical. You’ll learn the mental side, too. A perfect book for coaches and parents.

Learn how to create a healthy arm and repeatable mechanics- Improve command - how to spin the ball better- how to hold runners- pitch shaping- pitch tunneling…and much more! You’ll love the stories and concepts, because success on the mound comes from depth of knowledge.

You've had so many questions and now you have answers and have a road map to success on the mound.

Get started now...time to execute!


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